The new worlds costume play contest guidelines

Sci-fi and fantasy costumes, with the exception of Star Wars costumes, are eligible for entry (please see additional eligibility guidelines below).


General considerations: Costumes must not be gory, messy, or be obstructive to the flow of people during the event.

Day 1:
Contestants may portray any character or object/vehicle from any of the Star Wars movies, the “Star Wars: Clone Wars” animated series, or the Star Wars comics only.

Day 2:
Contestants may portray any character or object/vehicle from any of the fandoms represented by the New Worlds Alliance Member Groups: Star Trek, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, X-Files, The Matrix series, Highlander series, and H.P. Lovecraft’s works. Contestants may also opt to portray characters from other live action science fiction or fantasy movie or television show. Star Wars costumes are not eligible for Day 2.

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Other considerations: Costumes which were awarded “Best Costume” in the past two New Worlds Conventions are disqualified from the contest.
CONTEST RULES (Day 1 and Day 2)

There are two categories for each day of the contest:
Kids – for contestants 12 years old and below
Teens and Adults – for contestants 13 years old and above
Registration for the contest will start at 1pm and will end at 5pm. (times are tentative and subject to change). Only the first 40 registrants per day will be considered as official contestants.
Contestants for the Kids category must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during registration and contest proper.
The organizers shall make the final decision regarding a contestant’s eligibility upon registration. If you are unsure of your chosen costume’s eligibility, it is recommended that you pre-register your entry. (see pre-registration procedures below).
Real weapons and potentially harmful props are not allowed inside the Ayala Center, and will therefore not be allowed to be used for the contest.
The contest will officially start at 6pm. Contestants who are not present at the stage area when their names/numbers are called will be disqualified. (times are tentative and subject to change)
Each contestant will have a maximum of 1 minute to present his/her costume to the judges and the audience.
The judges’ decision is final and unappealable.
Prizes to be announced.

50% – Costume Accuracy and Craftsmanship
40% – Projection and Stage Presence (portrayal of the character)
10% – Audience Impact

To expedite the registration process at the venue, we would like to encourage people to pre-register their entries to the contest. Pre-registration will not assure you of a slot in the official list of contestants. You still have to be one of the first 40 people to register at the venue for that day. However, if we already have your information in our database, you will only have to confirm your pre-registration at the venue during the event and get a number. You will not need to fill up any more registration forms. Pre-registration will also help you confirm the eligibility of your entry beforehand.

The pre-registration period is from May 1 to May 20, 2005. Those who were not able to send in their pre-registration forms before the deadline may still register at the venue during the event itself.


Please fill out one form per costume.

Full Real Name:
Contact Number(s):
Are you joining the Day 1 or Day 2 contest?
Your Costume Play Character:
Optional – You can attach a picture of your costume to check for entry eligibility.

Global Frequency

Globalfrequency01Back in 2005, Mark Burnett (yes, the same guy behind Survivor) produced a pilot for TV series based on Warren Ellis‘ Global Frequency comic book series. The pilot featured Michelle Forbes (yes, it’s Admiral Cain and Maryann Forrester) as the legendary Miranda Zero. The show was never picked up by the WB supposedly because the pilot got leaked out to the internet.

Yes, I’ ve seen it, too. Haven’t you?

Anyway, news started to break out today that the CW (the current-day incarnation of the WB) seems to be interested in reviving this series and going for a second pilot. Warren Ellis has confirmed it on his site but is unable to say much else beyond that Scott Nimerfro may be tapped to write the new pilot.

Frankly, I’m pretty excited and you should be too! I mean seriously, this is THE Global Frequency! Until things become more definite, I’m keeping my fingers, toes and other related appendages crossed.


The creators of “The Matrix” now bring “Ninja Assassin”

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They are the stuff of legend, but for their victims they are all too real.  Their swords and shuriken fly fast and, in the blink of an eye, cut to the bone, creating a bloody spray in the wake of the blade.  The masters of stealth and dealers of death, these specters strike without warning and strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.  No one is safe.  Ninjas are the special forces of the martial arts world, and “The Matrix” producers Joel Silver, Andy and Larry Wachowski wanted to bring them to the screen as never before, in Warner Bros.’ spectacular action-thriller “Ninja Assassin” starring Korean pop superstar Rain.

NinjaAssassin_01States Silver, “We each felt that the pure martial arts film is a kind of a subgenre that hasn’t really had its due in the U.S.  We were always talking about doing something like taking the legend of the ninja, which dates back to the 14th century, and dropping this silent killer into a truly modern world.”

The filmmakers wanted to utilize the classic ninja movie structure in which an enigmatic master schools select children to become unbelievable fighters or assassins, who people in the “real world” of the film believe to be a myth.  That is, of course, until their two worlds intersect and the disbelievers witness these incredible martial artists in action.

“Ninjas were the shadowy characters who always came out of the darkness,” says director James McTeigue, who also recalls the influences of his upbringing in Australia .  “We got anime from Japan and a lot of the TV serials as well, like ‘The Samurai’ and ‘The Phantom Agents’—shows that had elements of the folkloric ninja in them, where the characters were raised in an orphanage or the like.  For this film, we talked about those classic elements, but also adding an edgy film noir aspect to it.”

“I’ve always loved the genre, but it seemed like no one had made a serious ninja movie in a long time, at least not in the West,” notes co-screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski.  “Ninjas have been used so often for comic relief that it felt as if no one was taking them seriously any longer.  The chance to make a movie that presented ninjas as being scary as hell was very appealing,” he smiles, “and working with the Wachowskis is always rewarding and intellectually daunting because they both have these 12-story brains and you really have to be on your toes to keep up with them.”

“`Ninja Assassin’ is an origin story,” says screenwriter Matthew Sand.  “The orphanage—the idea of these ninjas being a family in a twisted, dark way—and one man, Raizo, coming to terms with a substitute father who was the most awful father imaginable.  Where Raizo came from as a character is exactly what the ninja clans are all about.  They made him.  Motivated by a lost love, his reacting against them rather than becoming what they had in mind, along with the story of the agent investigating the clans, made it a different type of a ninja movie than we’d ever seen.”

“Magic (Art)Works!” – A Harry Potter Art Contest

Calling all Harry Potter fans!

Now is your chance to exhibit your magical artistic talents, as Fully Booked and Hogwarts Philippines present “Magic (Art)Works!” – A Harry Potter Art Contest!

Contest Mechanics:

1. The contest is open to everyone, as long as they are currently based in the Philippines and will be in Manila during the announcement of winners.

2. The contest is divided into three categories that follow the age ranges in the wizarding community:
– Kids Category (10 years old and below)
– Young Adult Category (11-16 years old)
– Adult Category (17 years old and above)

3. The artwork should depict something related to the topic assigned to each age category:
– Kids Category – Draw yourself with your favorite Harry Potter character
– Young Adult Category – Draw your favorite Albus Dumbledore moment/scene
– Adult Category – Draw what you think the Final Battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort will be like.

4. Each contestant may submit only one (1) entry.

5. Artwork Specifications:
– Size: A3 size (11″ x 17″) on paper, board, or canvas
– Medium: Pencil, ink, oil, charcoal, crayon, or any other art material. Artworks that are drawn or colored digitally will be accepted, but the printing of digital artworks will be shouldered by the artist. Digital files on CDs or diskettes will not be accepted.
– All digital artworks must be 100% original, and must not contain any edited images from the Harry Potter movies or books, or other sources.

6. Deadline for submission of entries is on July .

7. Entries must be submitted in a sealed envelope labeled “HARRY POTTER ART CONTEST ENTRY, at any Fully Booked branch, addressed to:
Marketing Department, Fully Booked

8. On a separate piece of paper, the contestant must submit his/her name, age, category, title of the artwork, home address, contact number, e-mail address and a brief bio-data (school, profession, achievements, etc). There should be no signature on the front of the artwork itself, otherwise, the entry will be disqualified.

9. For Kids Category Entries: The artwork must also be accompanied by a very short description of the artwork and the artist’s favorite character. Parents and guardians may do this for the younger contestants. This must be printed on a separate sheet of short ( 8.5 x 11 inches) bond paper.

10. For Young Adult Category Entries: The artwork must also be accompanied by a brief description of the artist’s favorite Albus Dumbledore moment, which book it was taken from, and why he/she chose that particular scene. This must be printed on a separate sheet of short ( 8.5 x 11 inches) bond paper. The explanation must not exceed one bond paper in length.

11. For Adult Category Entries: The artwork must also be accompanied by a brief explanation of the scene depicted, and a description of what the artist thinks will happen in the Final Battle, including its eventual outcome. This must be printed on a separate sheet of short ( 8.5 x 11 inches) bond paper. The explanation must not exceed one bond paper in length.

12. Announcement and awarding of winners will be held at the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Book Launch on 21 July 2007 at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

13. The winner of each category will get a box set of Harry Potter books.

14. Criteria for Judging:
Creativity (30%)
Originality (30%)
Skill (25%)
Impact (15%)

15. The Judges’ decision is final and unappealable.

16. Contestants may claim their artworks after the Exhibit period. Artworks that are not claimed on or before August 31, 2007 will be subject to disposition in any manner decided on by Fully Booked Management.


Pinoys Rockin’ Out at Star Wars Celebration IV

In case you missed it, it’s okay. We went there and had all the fun for you. I went with six members of the Philippine Outpost of the 501st Legion to Star Wars Celebration IV, and we had a blaster, er, I mean, a blast of a time with Star Wars fans and celebrities from all over the world.

I arrived with our XO, Oneal Rosero, his brother Ron, Sponge Cola drummer Chris Cantada, and fellow Outpost member Noel Angeles on May 23. Though CIV wasn’t scheduled to start till the next day, downtown LA was already looking like Coruscant. Mere blocks from the LA Convention Center, where CIV was held, we could see people wearing Star Wars shirts, pins and caps, Jedi robes, and 501st shirts and jackets, proudly displaying the convention badges hanging from their necks. We got our badges too, and saw many of the 501st members we’d met before, as well as some celebrities!

And as if we needed to be convinced that the expense of flying 14 hours in a cramped plane to attend a Star Wars convention was well worth it, we got a gift from Star Wars heaven: a celebrity sighting! After claiming our badges, Oneal, Ron, Chris and I walked to a nearby food court to grab some lunch. We also went to a Cingular store because Chris wanted to buy a simcard. We were chatting with the store clerk, who happened to be Filipino, and we told her that we were in town to attend CIV. And she told us that this guy had come in earlier, and he’d told her that he had played Admiral Motti in the movie. Richard LeParmentier was his name, and he was coming back. We joked that we would camp out in the store and wait for him.

Sure enough, we had just uttered those words when Richard LeParmentier himself walked in! It was fortunate that we were wearing our 501st jackets, because when he saw us, he put his arms on our shoulders and said cheerfully, “Here are my troopers!” Hearing that from the guy who was on the receiving end of Darth Vader’s Force choke was certainly something I never expected. He seemed just as happy to meet us as we were to meet him, and he said as we introduced ourselves and shook his hand, “Well, isn’t anyone going to take our picture?” He was so friendly and he gamely posed for photos as we all took out our cameras, and later he even gave us his email address; he wanted to post the pictures on his website!

All this, and to think that Celebration IV hadn’t even started yet. Things just got better and better.

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On May 24, Celebration IV was opened exclusively to members of Hyperspace, the Star Wars fan club. The doors were scheduled to open at noon; Oneal, Ron, Chris and I arrived at 8:30, and already there was a long line of over a hundred people. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, though: we had food, we were waiting in the shade, there were already a lot of people in costume — including some very adorable kids — and Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) walked past the line and posed for pictures! We made new friends too: three guys from Wisconsin who were also from our hotel, and were also Transformers fans and toy collectors like Oneal, Ron and Chris. They were thrilled to meet fellow fans from a foreign country, and we were just happy to make friends!

That first day was perhaps the most overwhelming of the entire convention. We first went into the Exhibit Hall, where all the merchandise was displayed and sold. Sideshow, Kotobukiya and Gentle Giant had enormous booths, with enough displays to make your jaw drop, and enough giveaways to fill several goodie bags! There was Star Wars artwork everywhere, Star Wars apparel of every shape, size and color, patches, stickers, toys, coins, posters, postcards — every possible kind of Star Wars merchandise was there, and it would have made you weep. I was certainly awestruck, and I wandered around the hall with Oneal, dazed and happily confused, my mouth agape. Ron and Chris had wandered off on their own, and every few minutes we’d bump into them, and one or the other would show off a prize find, or would rave about the sheer volume of stuff you could buy.

That evening the four of us went with Noel to attend the 501st mixer, a party organized by the 501st Legion for its members at every big convention. Since most people would just go in ordinary Star Wars or 501st t-shirts, we opted to be different; the guys wore their barong tagalogs, and I wore a white terno, and we all attached our Philippine Outpost pins to our clothes. People easily recognized that we were from the Philippines, and we certainly looked different from everyone else. Filipinos from other garrisons came over to introduce themselves and to say how wonderful it was that the 501st had a presence in the Philippines.

Not only did we meet other Filipinos, we also met more celebrities! Again we ran into Richard LeParmentier, and we also met Darth Vader himself, David Prowse! Even more exciting was meeting the original Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, who enthusiastically told us that he had been to the Philippines in the seventies, shooting a travel documentary. There was renowned artist Tsuneo Sanda, who graciously posed for photos and gave us autographed cards. There was the Native American Lightning Bear, who played a biker scout in Return of the Jedi, and was presented with an Honorary Membership in the 501st a few days later. There were Steve Sansweet and Mary Franklin of LFL Marketing, without whom Celebration IV could not have happened. There was Col. Anthony Toledo, a Filipino who was made an honorary member of the 501st for training 200 troopers to march for the Rose Parade on January 1.

But that was just day one. The days that followed were packed with so much more: more costumes, more celebrities (Billy Dee Williams! Seth Green! Bruce Spence!), more shows (Star Wars in 30 Minutes! One-Man Star Wars!), the 501st Trooper Olympics, more free stuff, droids, more fantastic costumes, more toys, more Star Wars. It was certainly the best Star Wars week any fan could ever ask for.

Issue number 3 of Philippine Genre Stories will be out soon!

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An excerpt from Tuko, by Miguel Escaño, miggy (dot) escano (at) gmail (dot) com: Jun throws up his hands. “I can’t help but feel that it’s all because I killed a gecko,” he says. “The morning after, I learned that someone died of bangungot in my apartment complex. Soon after, the hallucinations started. I’m seeing a dead gecko everywhere I go. I’m hearing “tuko-tuko” in the silence of my room. Sometimes when I open my mouth, croaking sounds come out.”

Jun buries his face in his hands. “What is happening to me?”

“The mind is a powerful thing,” says the doctor. “I’ve read about patients with illnesses that are purely psychosomatic. Their belief was so powerful that they showed disease-like symptoms.

“For all we know, bangungot begins in the mind,” the doctor continues. “Victims experience a nightmare so frighteningly real that they believe they are dying.”

The doctor scribbles a prescription. “A disturbed mind often causes hallucinations. To calm your thoughts, sleep is usually the best medicine. Take one capsule every night for a week and you will sleep better,” the doctor says. He hands a slip of paper to Jun.

Ten ways you can tell you are a fan

By Adrian Martinez Notice how everything nowadays seems to have something to do with a fandom? Everyone has a favorite TV show, movie franchise, novel series or comic book, but the way people today express their love for these stories is very different from the way they did them in the time of their grandparents (for one thing, there were fewer things to be fans of). Back in the day, people simply exchanged observations and insights about their favorite books or programmes.

Today, people go much further: they become fans. It is worth mentioning here that the word fan is derived from the word “fanatic”. No, you say? You would never stoop so low? Read on, if you dare, and see whether or not you are a Fan!

Muggle Magic

We are inviting all Harry Potter fans to take this challenge! Combine your love for Harry Potter and digital imaging to produce a winning Harry Potter artwork.

Artworks can be made using different approaches like vectors, collages, cartoons, 3D graphics, or combination of any of these techniques. In other words, show us how creative and inventive you can be! You may use any image editing software.

The artwork should be made in line with the theme:

Depict any scene which you think will happen on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


· Harry and his parents are reunited in the end (in anime style).

· Hermione and Ron finally expressed their love for each other.

· Dumbledore is resurrected and helps Harry defeat Voldemort.


1. Each participant is allowed to submit as many entries as he/she wants.

2. All entries should be the participant’s original interpretation of the contest themes and not lifted from other sources. Powerbooks will not be held liable for any copyright infringement committed by the participant.

3. Scenes depicted should not be based or copied from any Harry Potter movie.

4. Participants have the freedom to interpret the contest themes as creative and imaginatively possible provided that they stay true to the theme.

5. Each entry should not be previously entered into any other competition.

6. Participants give Powerbooks the right to upload their artworks for the website & other promotional activities. Once submitted, entries will not be returned and be considered properties of Powerbooks.

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1. To join the contest, participants should submit the following in a brown envelope:

a. Registration Form (full name, address, company/ school, telephone, cellphone, email, theme, title of entry, short description of the entry). You may download the official registration form here, at or get them at any Powerbooks branch

b. Printed Artwork measuring 11” x 16”(A3 size, landscape or portrait orientation) mounted on illustration board.

2. Deadline for submission of entries is on July 12, 2007, 9pm, at any Powerbooks branch or drop it off at the Powerbooks Head Office at 25 Brixton St., Capitol Subdivision, Pasig City.


1. Judges will choose 3 finalists. The finalists’ works will be uploaded at the Powerbooks Multiply Site ( from July 14 -21, 2007.

2. The Grand Prize winner will be determined by a select panel of judges with the following criteria:

· Originality – 30%

· Impact – 10%

· Composition and Technique – 50%

· Application of the Theme – 20%

3. The decision of the judges is final.

4. Prizes: To be announced

FIGHT! extends its thanks to the following people

To the organizers of the NWA:Transformed!
I really want to thank you for letting me run the game, FIGHT! The kids really loved it! Some adults did too!

To Adrian Martinez and Nabs!
Salamat sobra sa support and sa pagtulong mag dampot ng fuzzy dice sa sahig. I tell you, sa sobrang tayo-luhod-tayo ko, I actually have sore thighs right now and weakened knees. You made it easier for me to focus on keeping the game fun and having a great time sharing the fun with the kids.

To those who won “gemstones”!
Congratulations for beating me in FIGHT! Maybe next time I run it, you’d be willing to try the Advanced version! Enjoy them stones!

To the two who rolled snake eyes
Hope you enjoy your glass egg prize! Don’t try to swallow or hatch it, ha!

To those who tried to FIGHT! but lost
Don’t worry, there’s always next time. And yes, if you had fun, then you still won, that’s what I say. Smile

Here’s to another number of rounds of FIGHT! this coming October (tama ba?)

To those who took FIGHT!
Pa share naman. Smile

June Open Meet

The FIRST SATURDAY of this June, June 2, will see the OPEN MEET held at the Function Room/Cabana of Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, from 3 PM til 12 MIDNIGHT. The OPEN MEET is an informal gathering of table top enthusiasts in order to mingle, develop and renew ties, and to try out various related hobbies that they normally don’t have the time or resource to test. Every month is a grab bag of varied offerings of Boardgames, Party Card Games, Trading/Collectible Card Games, Miniature War Games, traditional/classic Wargames and select One-Shot Role-Playing adventures courtesy of the people from the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers, Philboardgamers, Rolling Hills Gaming Club,, and The Fellowship.


To get to Residencia 8888, get off at the SHAW Blvd. MRT Station. From there, walk on the side of ShangRi-La Plaza heading towards the One San Miguel Bldg. When you reach it, take a left, wallking towards the Richmond Hotel. Take a right when you reach the hotel, and then a left. You should be at Pearl Drive (or Pearl Ave.) and you’ll see a lot of eateries at this point, and Residencia should be past these.

While you’re passing by the restaurants/eateries, you might as well take the time to get something to eat, which you can bring to Residencia.

Once you get to Residencia, please inform the Front Desk personnel that you’re there for Mark Humphries. He’s the resident of the place that has facilitated the reservation of the Function Room / Cabana for us, which is at the top floor of the building.

Since the venue had to be paid for in advance, we will have to collect an entrance fee of 50 pesos per person so that we will have further funds should we hold the OPEN MEET in the same place next month.

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